Tell Me - Text to Speech

Tell Me is a Text To Speech app which reads any text you type! Giving those who can no longer talk a voice in the world, messing around with friends, or even reading books/PDFs/websites out-loud.
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Review From: Ricky Lee


Very simple and effective!! the voice is clear and loud and easy to understand. the app is easy and simple to use, and very straightforward.

Review From: A Google user


This is exactly what I need! I'm autistic and often unable to speak for many reasons, and this app still allows me to communicate with those who don't know ASL. It has enough customization options that I can do what I want, but it's not so complicated that it takes a while to set up.

Review From: Grace Stillwagon


Currently in the hospital post op, amd my NG tube has made practically impossible to talk. Very grateful for this app which has allowed me to communicate with my doctors


Tell Me reads any text that you give it by using your Text to Speech (TTS) engine on your device.

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  • A simple and clean interface built with Material Design in mind.
  • Customizable colors that best suit your visual taste.
Main features
  • Adjustable volume, pitch, and speed sliders.
  • A slide-out preset menu allowing for quick and easy access to commonly used phrases.
  • Multiple voice languages and accents such as English, United Kingdom, Chinese, Spanish, French, Jarvis, and many more.
  • Save your text to an audio file (synthesize to file) to use for whatever your heart desires. Used by creators of YouTube videos and music.

No one wants their personal data siphoned and retained without their knowledge. This is why Simply Complex Apps takes your privacy very seriously and is very open about its privacy policy. Each permission that Tell Me uses is explained in detail here. As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out using the contact section below or by email.



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