Random Notification Sounds

Random Notification Sounds allows you to have as many notification sounds as you like. Have a favorite movie? Add its quotes and/or sound effects as notification sounds!
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Review From: Bojan Lacić


Works as expected, doesn't demand internet access for ads... This is just great!

Review From: SwagD Voice


This is great even though it needs to be updated this is great it does way beyond what it needs to do! The only thing that really should be changed is being able to make the choice of how long you want each random song play I have more than twelve thousand pieces of music and I would love to hear at least 45 seconds to a minute of each song that's how many notifications I get frequent there so frequent but this is great man!!

Review From: Sam Hammond


Doesn't even have ads or have access to the internet! Does its job amazingly well. Only had to look up the directory of my system notifications. /system/media/audio/notifications


Random Notification Sounds allows you to have more than one notification sound on your device.

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  • A simple and clean interface built with Material Design in mind.
Main features
  • Shuffle mode plays each sound once until all sounds have been played (To enable, go to settings).
  • Blacklist specific apps to be able to use different notification sounds or your own.
  • Use any audio file on your device.
  • Create your own notification sounds using text-to-speech. You can even make them sound like Jarvis!

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